Iris Bavelaar

Meet Iris, a graphic designer and artist living in Amsterdam.

Iris Bavelaar’s work portrays her pristine eye for aesthetics and is inspired by her constant curiosity for a broad spectrum of art forms and the story they tell.

Favourite outfits

When creating art my favourite outfit is comfortable and ready to get dirty of course. 

When going out with friends my favourite outfit is again comfortable, which doesn’t sound sexy I know. But I just find it important to feel good in my clothes and luckily there is a lot of clothes that are both comfortable and really beautiful. Most of the times I go for a tube top and flowy trousers.

The matching knit set is my favourite outfit of the Another Fall-Winter collection.

Favourite material to work with

I work mostly with acrylic but I’m experimenting with oil for a year. I just bought this book about techniques in oil paint and it really showed me how handling this medium is an art form itself.

Favourite artist

This is a really hard one because I have hundreds but I’m currently really fascinated by Agnes Martin. I love her minimalistic yet very detailed work and her soft use of colours. You can really feel how painting was a meditative practice for her. She used to say ‘What we make is what we feel.’

Favourite book

I’m currently reading the history of art without men from Katy Hessel. And I haven’t been this amazed in a while. It is so incredibly interesting to read about the way women moved through the art historic canon as we know it. Especially because a lot of them are still completely overlooked in today’s teachings. I did a pre-master in art history and read a lot of books, but so many names and stories were completely new for me. Es Devlin quoted ‘I was not aware how angry I was that this book did not exist until it existed. It's an urgently needed, un-put-downable, joyful, insightful, glorious, perspective-shifting revision of the Story of Art.' And these are my thoughts exactly…

Favourite travel destination

Definitely Bali. For some reason, I’m always immediately relaxed when I arrive. I think it’s a combination of this specific scent, beautiful nature, and really friendly and welcoming people.