The series is designed in such a way that you can connect them together. At first glance, it looks like the vases can fall into each other, like a warm hug. Even if you place the vases in a row, they form a suitable composition and create a playful whole. By playing with geometric shapes and a soft color palette, Amy created an open minded series.

The Summer of Love collection by Another-Label takes inspiration from the Scandinavian lifestyle where shapes, textures, design and art are inextricably linked. This harmony is reflected in the limited vase collection.


The craft and time that ceramics need is something miraculous and fits perfectly with Studio Amy van der Horst. Using different techniques, Amy creates handmade worlds that amaze. As soon as the designer has devised a shape, the process of a ceramic object begins.

“I get inspired by always looking at the world with a surprised eye. I have a passion for everyday shapes, which I adapt to my own by abstracting them. And by
playing with compositions and the right combinations of color”

– Amy van der Horst.

Amy v/d Horst

Amy vase - 27cm - Another-Label
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Amy vase - 27cm

Amy vase - 20cm - Another-Label
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Amy vase - 20cm

Amy vase - 14cm - Another-Label
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Amy vase - 14cm

Amy vase - set of 3 - Another-Label
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