Get to know our Another-Lover Claudia ❤

Can you tell us how your love for nature started?

I grew up in the city, playing hide and seek between the cars. So as a child I was not aware of the concept ‘nature’. My deep love for earths nature grew when I started to travel. I saw what an immense diversity nature has to offer and how unfortunately a lot has been broken down by humans. How beautiful would it be if we learn to live with nature instead of consume it to live?

Which look is your favourite from our HS24 collection?

My favorite look from the HS24 collection is the Jess Jumpsuit! Good for any occasion, comfortable yet elegant 🤍

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What is your favourite travel destination?

My favorite travel destination is the one I have not been yet haha! I love going on an adventure and discovering new pieces of earth with its people and culture.

Which items are key for the upcoming summer?

Key items for the upcoming summer are sunscreen, sunglasses, a bikini and a tote bag with (lotsssss of) water.

What is your favourite city?

I recently went to Florence and absolutely fell in love with its beauty. Not too big, beautiful architecture, great food and even better people who know how to enjoy La dolce vita. Besides that it is a small hike away from stunning hills overseeing the city and the magical sunrise and sunset.