A love affair between Another-Label and MUD Jeans. The perfect combination of style and sustainability.

Product information:
Organic Cassie (Stone Washed): 79% organic cotton, 20% cotton (recycled), 1% ecoelastane.
RCY Chaby (Natural Denim): 79% organic cotton, 20% pcr cotton, 1% eco elastane.

The recycled content is post-consumer recycled cotton, or PCR cotton. The fabric is GRS certified; apart from verifying the recycled content, GRS certification also focuses on the transparency of the supply chain. It requires tracking the movement of recycled materials from their source through the production process, ensuring traceability.

With the goal of ‘a world without waste’ MUD Jeans is a frontrunner in circular denim.

MUD Jeans takes back all their jeans for recycling. Worn out jeans are cut into pieces, shredded and blended with virgin organic cotton. This is how a new pair is born. Get in the loop.